Samsung Galaxy S9 и S9 Plus — дизайн, характеристики и дата презентации


Zdarova guys, not much is left up to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​which will be held in late February, and during which many IT companies will present their flagships LG, Sony, Nokia – it's all nice, but of course the main New items will be Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, which we'll talk in this video

With my last video of the Korean flagship passed more than a month, ever since it accumulated a lot of new rumors and leaks, so let's begin Drove! To begin with appearance smartphone Radically new design changes will not be Let's turn to fusion images and concepts This week, one of the users of the portal Reddit posted here this is not quite high-quality, photo face smartphone, but it can be easy to pick out the distinctive news features

Though, probably in vain, I said in the plural, because it is essentially the one This decrease is the lower bound, the upper left of the same size Why Samsung does not change the tip? Most likely, this is due to the fact that they brought to mind its facial recognition technology Let me remind you that the Galaxy S8 as well as in the iPhone X, implemented this feature, but if you iPhone a huge number of scans sensors and all there is to much reliable that they even refused from the fingerprint reader, the Samsung it works once through the ass, on the top smartphone in general could unlock the photo, then like it is fixed, in short, you understand me Diagonal smartphone will remain the same

The back is a little more interesting Let me remind you the two main problems the back of the Galaxy S8 First, it is common, not dual camera, that by the standards Well, even the 17th currently A second well is a very bad location fingerprint reader fingers Hit blindly difficult stretch far, but still plus camera zalyapyvaetsya constantly, so it is logical, that backdrop Galaxy S9 will look something like this

On Reddit as it was merged box next Korean, let's go through the features As I said, the diagonal will be the same, 58 inches for the low-end model and 62 for the Plus version AMOLED-resolution display Quad HD +

Dual Pixel camera moved from Note 8, but now with a variable diaphragm Super Slow-mo, it's likely to be something like a slow motion in Sony Xperia XZ1 At Sonya frames per second up to 960, in S9, this value should be at least no less Other characteristics moved from S8 What is interesting, if Samsung is going to bring to the crazy face scanner, then why is she pointed scanner retina, which was in last year's smartphone and in principle it is less convenient

It's strange, so it is likely that they are either Score on the scanner face, or this Photo fake Walk on the iron Processor, of course, the Snapdragon 845 and similar Exynos According to the latest rumors, 9 KA receive only 4GB RAM memory, but it may also release an exclusive configuration and operational 6Gb 512gb permanent memory Anything else you can tell us? Well, firstly, a very important topic for the Samsung, batteries

It seems like the engineers to deal with them Capacity will be increased to 3200 mAh and 3600 for the baby mAh plus Hopefully, they will not explode As I have said, will present Samsung Galaxy S9 within the MWC 2018 In late February, closer to the event will be the official information Well, the price is unlikely to be somehow different from last year model, somewhere around the price will start from $ 700

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