Samsung S8: LO BUENO Y MALO | Top Pulso


This is a short video where I will mention these topics both positive and negative of each cell, this time it's the turn for the Samsung Galaxy s8, then start: The good: The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a beautiful waterproof phone with excellent performance, battery life and camera photographic In addition, Samsung Pay is wonderful, has 64GB of storage base, card slot microSD, wireless charging, iris reader and the new USB-C port

The bad Your fingerprint is misplaced and thou common causes the camera or take more time to unlock the phone, something you should do often during the day In addition, no flat screen version Conclusion The Samsung Galaxy S8 manages to position itself as one of the best phones of 2017 thanks to its excellent performance, great camera and beautiful design, but its fingerprint reader It has its flaws and can affect your daily experience, something that prevents it from being a true 'wonder' Remember that if you want to see the complete and detailed analysis of this terminal invite you to give him the card click the top right of you is appearing on the screen I hope you enjoyed the video, remember to subscribe activate notifications, give I like it and share it so that you continue to enjoy more similar content

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